We are innovation technology iNOTEK

iNOTEK is a technology based company, helping clients developing secured and rational working environments to achieve one goal: Effective work. For iNOTEK effective work means focusing on working instead, of loosing time due to lack of logic in the environment and slow hardware which is not optimized!

The two words which define iNOTEK are technology and innovation. There is a simple explanation to this, iNOTEK engineers always try to use the latest technology. By always using the lastest technology we are able to always offer cutting-edge features in our services!

Services iNOTEK offers

UNiX services

Our UNiX team builds or consolidate rational environments with the help of virtualization.

Linux services

Our Linux engineers will help you towards setting up consistent environments and troubleshoot any of your problems!

Web services

Our team will create websites and host them, without forgetting the search engine optimization! We also offer a redesigning service, if you already have a web site and you wish to renew his design.